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What's Holding YOU Back?

Do you kick yourself about unmet goals?  Do unresolved problems nag at you?  Do you have unanswered questions that make you doubt yourself—or God?  Do you ever think, “I know what I need to do.  Why can’t I just make myself do it?”  INDIVIDUAL COACHING can help!  Some issues can be dealt with in a single session.  Others may take a few short months.  Contact us now to schedule a FREE, 30-minute phone consultation to assess what plan is right for you! Phone: 407-967-1409 E-mail:

Strategic Business Prayer

Do you want to align your work with God’s purposes?  Do you ever feel like your business is a puzzle with a few pieces missing?  Do you ever feel like you’ve reached a level of success and hit a wall?  STRATEGIC BUSINESS PRAYER can guide organizations and individuals to align your work with God’s plans, put the pieces together, and remove blockages to further success.  Find out more.  Call or e-mail us: Phone: 407-967-1409 E-mail:

Workshops & Presentations

JUMPSTART YOUR GROUP!  Whether it’s a short “Lunch & Learn,” a break-out session, keynote address, or weekend retreat, our presentations are always interactive and fun!   Build relationships, train your brain, and leave with new skills you can use immediately.  Some of our many choices:

  • Optimize Your Brain for Business
  • Brains that CAN Learn: Why relationships matter in education
  • Connect with Your Teen
  • Connecting with God

If you would like something customized for your group, contact us today! Phone: 407-967-1409                      E-mail:  

It’s about relationships!

At work we need positive relationships with clients, staff and business partners, or we don’t have a business. At home we need joyful relationships to be happy and healthy. The latest neuroscience shows that our brains are designed to need healthy relationships to work right. Yet, in our fast-paced, technology-oriented, information-driven society, we are losing the skills that make the information useful and to make life worth living. HSW Connections was established to help people understand how their brains are wired for relationships and to develop and use the brain skills needed to connect with people and enjoy life! We do this as many ways as we can find: in groups or one-on-one, at our office or in your school, business or church. For organizations and groups, we provide strategic business connections, short presentations, half-day interactive workshops, or ongoing training customized to your group’s needs. For individuals and families, we provide coaching in our office.

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Dawn Whitestone

is the owner and Head Coach at HSW Connections. Dawn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has worked with individuals, families and groups since 1999. She worked as a counselor and manager at the Center for Drug-Free Living, supervising a staff of counselors and health educators, and helping hundreds of parents reconnect with their teens. Dawn says: “I am passionate about relational brain development. This is hard to describe succinctly, but our brains our designed for relationships. When we enjoy relationships with people, it builds all of our brains in wonderful ways. This is especially helpful for people who work with children and those with trauma issues. I provide consultation and training for social service agencies, as well as coaching or counseling for families and individuals who would like to improve relationships and build brain capacity. Check out the website, and give us a call for your FREE 15-minute phone consultation!”


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“Through her coaching my business has grown tremendously, which has increased my paycheck and resulted in a recent promotion. I am forever grateful for the on-going coaching I receive from HSW connections. ” Rikki Eloian

Qualifying National Marketing Director, Juice Plus and Tower Gardens

Dawn is an engaging presenter and a skilled educator. Her program is fast paced and full of information that is easily applied when working with children–and adults for that matter… This information has made an impact in my life personally as well as professionally. Jeanne Daly Smith

Program Manager, Read2Succeed - Foundation for Orange County Public Schools

…Her sound and practical therapies provided me with encouragement and help in improving my relationships with family members and colleagues alike Kathy Thomas

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